Tax Planner vs Tax Preparer: What You Need To Know with Blake Carruthers, CFP (Ep. 5)

Do you have someone just preparing your taxes, or do you have someone that helps you plan for your taxes?

Most clients are unaware of the amount of money they could be saving and potentially getting back from the government through tax planning.

In this episode of Your Finances — Know You Can, Wes Forster, Sr. Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group is joined by HSI Financial Group Financial Strategist Blake Carruthers, they discuss the in’s and outs of tax planning and preparing and how HSI Financial Group helps their clients optimize and implement tax savings into their financial plan.

Wes and Blake discuss:

  • The difference between a tax preparer and a tax planner
  • How the team at HSI Financial Group can help optimize your financial and tax plans to work together
  • The options you have when it comes to your taxes and how they can work in your favour
  • How HSI Financial Group believes in educating their clients so they can make good financial decisions 
  • The HSI Financial Group checklist we use to help keep our clients constantly benefitting
  • And more!


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