The Best Insurance is The One That’s There When You Need It with Devon Cheema (Ep. 6)

When you were adding insurance to your financial plan, did you complete a detailed needs analysis to ensure that your family’s needs would be addressed?

Many insurance companies follow a “one size fits all” framework, but no two people have exactly the same needs when it comes to insurance. 

In this episode of Your Finances — Know You Can, Wesley Forster, Sr. Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group is joined by Devon Cheema, Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group. They discuss the ins and outs of insurance planning and how it fits in the overall financial plan.  

Wesley and Devon discuss:

  • Why having a detailed needs analysis and financial plan conducted before choosing your insurance plan is absolutely critical to making sound financial decisions
  • The different types of insurance
  • Selecting the right insurance for your family
  • Ensuring the insurance program fits with your family’s estate plan
  • And more!


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