What You Should Know About Estate Planning? (Ep. 4)

If you were to die tomorrow, do you have a plan for how your estate would be handled? Who would be your power of attorney? Do you know who gets which assets? What about who pays for any outstanding debts?

Those are the most common questions that are asked to families when a loved one dies.

In this episode of Your Finances — Know You Can, HSI Financial’s president and senior financial strategist, Wes Forster, outlines what an estate plan is, why you should have one, and when is the best time to complete it.

Wes discusses:

  • Why it’s important to be proactive with your estate planning
  • How the team at HSI can assist in the estate planning process
  • Understanding when insurance can and can’t be a viable option
  • The importance of paying attention to the small details of your estate plan
  • And more!


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