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The Array of Benefits Financial Planners Have to Offer with Andrew Owsiak (Ep. 7)

When looking to invest your money, oftentimes people will go to banks as a safe option. What they don’t realize is that they are short changing themselves when it comes to personalized planning if they don’t work with a financial planner. 

In this episode of Your Finances — Know You Can, Wesley Forster, Sr. Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group is joined by Andrew Owsiak, Financial Strategist at HSI Financial Group. They discuss the benefits of working alongside a financial planning team and what that looks like.  

Wesley and Andrew discuss:

  • What you might be missing out on if you do not have a financial planner
  • What other institutions miss and what you can do about it
  • HSI’s team approach to the planning process
  • And more!


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