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Avoiding Regrets: Navigating Your Financial Future Correctly (Ep. 12)

Nothing is worse than feeling regret.

And this is even more so when it comes to your investments or plans for your retirement.

In this episode, Wes tackles the topic of regrets and how to avoid them in regard to your investments and retirement plans. He explores common past investment mistakes and the importance of having a plan in place and listening to experts.

Wes discusses:

  • The repeated pattern of economic cycles and the inevitability of recessions
  • Some examples of regrets with people who invested in GICs and lost money due to inflation.
  • Why do people resist change and don’t take advantage of opportunities
  • The importance of taking action and having a plan in place to ensure success and avoid regrets
  • The greatest financial risk during periods of recession or inflation is making misinformed and poor financial decisions
  • The importance of avoiding the tendency to chase investments during market upsides and instead focus on investing in quality companies.
  • Why you should listen to experts who know and understand the market rather than making choices desperately 
  • And more!


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