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How Do Top Portfolio Managers Posture During Economic Turmoil with David Fingold (Ep. 11)

Have you ever wondered what a portfolio manager does and how they take advantage of a perceived negative event like a market correction? 

In this episode, Wes speaks with David Fingold, Vice President and Senior Porfolio Manager with Dynamic Funds, about the asset managers’ role. David shares his dedication to the portfolios he manages, how he plans to take advantage of the current situation in the market, why he’s optimistic about the current economic environment, and how optimism leads to investment opportunities.

David discusses:

  • How he’s posturing to take advantage of market corrections and rising interest rates 
  • How optimism feeds a portfolio manager’s ability to see opportunities in good companies who are market leaders
  • Why investors can be optimistic about the future
  • Why he solely invests in the portfolios he manages
  • And more


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About Guest:

David Fingold is the Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Dynamic Funds. He joined Dynamic in 2002 and became the Vice President in 2018. Prior to obtaining his current job title, David graduated with distinction from Babson College in Massachusetts in 1988.

From Hell to Heaven: How to Improve Your Retirement Picture (Ep. 9)

Retirement can be heaven or it can be hell — and what YOU do to plan makes all the difference. Without the proper planning tools and guidelines, it is easy to feel stuck and uncertain about your future.

In this episode, Senior Financial Strategist Wesley Forster details what you need to know when planning your retirement and what to avoid along the way.

Wes discusses:

  • How to manage undetected planning issues
  • Five mindset shifts that help you find your way to a heaven-like retirement
  • How we use our unique curated checklist to assess our clients’ needs
  • HSI Financial Group’s proven 3-step process for helping clients
  • And more!


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